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Apple Benefit by Elizabeth Garcia

Té Menos 4 Kilos D’ Cintura

Té Menos 4 Kilos D’ Cintura

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Tea 8 Pounds of Waistline

  • Super nighttime antioxidant
  • Does not loose or generate rebound
  • Does not contain hormones
  • Lose 8 pounds from waist and/or abdomen area
  • Weight loss

Ingredients: Artichoke, L-Carnitine, Cassia, Green Tea, Red Tea, Indian Lotus


Dosage: 5mg


Té Menos 4 Kilos D’ Cintura

  • Súper antioxidante nocturno
  • No laxa ni genera rebote
  • No contiene hormonas
  • Pierde 4 kilos de cintura
  • Pierde Peso

Ingredientes: Alcachofa, L-Carnitina, Cassia, Té Verde, Té Rojo, India Lotus

Sobres: 24

Dosis: 5mg

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