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Apple Benefit by Elizabeth Garcia

3XL 600mg Capsules

3XL 600mg Capsules

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3XL was created for individuals with a BMI range of 40.0 or over. A BMI within these limits falls within the severe to morbid obese overweight range. 3XL is a fat burner with an ultra-intense power that should not be taken with other fat burners.

Benefits of 3XL 
  • Ideal for morbid obese overweight (>40 BMI)
  • Ultra-intense power
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Super appetite suppressant
  • No rebound
  • Double power
  • Intense caloric burner
  • 100% herbal

Ingredients: Wakame Seaweed, Japanese Garlic, L-Arginine, Ginger and Matcha

Suggested Use:  Follow instructions as indicated on the bottle.
  • Take 1 capsule 45 minutes before breakfast ((Purple pill)
  • Take 1 capsule 30 minutes before lunch (White pill)
Capsules: 60

  • Doble potencia
  • Potencia ultra intensa
  • Rápida pérdida de peso
  • Super inhibidor de apetito
  • No genra rebote
  • Ideal para sobrepesos mórbidos
  • Quemador calórico intenso
  • 100% herbolario


Ingredientes: Alga Wakame, Ajo Japonés, L-Arginina, Jengibre y Matcha

Sugerencia de Uso: 

  • Tomar 1 capsula 45 minutos antes del desayuno
  • Tomar 1 capsula  30 minutos antes de la comida

Cápsulas: 60

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